Services Include:


Want an original idea to surprise your loved one for their next birthday? There’s no better way than to highlight the years of their life with a sentimental montage, whether they’re turning 9 or 90 years old.  One fun idea is to include as many friends and relatives as possible, and have them submit short testimonials to the birthday boy or girl.


Nothing says “I love you” to a companion like a montage highlighting your wonderful moments together.  You can use songs that you have bonded over together through the years to underscore the visual memories.  An anniversary montage is also a great gift for your parents’ or grandparents’ monumental occasions.


For your wedding day, create the perfect montage highlighting the relationship between your loved one and you.  A montage may wedding montage Los Angelesinclude childhood photos of the bride and groom, and/or photos and videos reminiscing their cherished memories as a couple. One popular idea is to have the bride and groom secretly submit a video message to their loved one, which can be incorporated into the montage.  This finished product can be shown during the wedding reception.

Another fun way to celebrate the big day is to collaborate the guests’ pictures and videos taken at the wedding itself, and meshed into a montage highlighting the special occasion.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:

Celebrate your child’s milestones with a fun montage.  Get creative and show a “day in the life” of your teenager.  These montages are especially popular when shown in front of the guests at any Bar/Bat Mitzvah party, and/or simply included on a Bar/Bat Mitzvah DVD.

Just For Fun:

Movie spoofs, TV spoofs, dance numbers (flash mob, anyone?), pranks…those are just a few fun ideas you can have with a montage.  Surprise your friends or family with a funny video greeting for any occasion, or become the next YouTube sensation!

Sweet 16:

Your little girl may be growing up fast, so before you’re ready to hand over your car keys, keep the memories of her youth going with a montage commemorating her Sweet 16.  You can even get her family members and friends to submit testimonials for her to cherish forever.


Losing a loved one is never easy, but a montage highlighting a person’s life is a wonderful way to keep one’s memory alive. You may include your loved one’s favorite music to go along with photos and videos highlighting their finer moments.  Family members and friends may also submit testimonials, recounting their favorite memories of the deceased.


How do you and your loved one make that special announcement to the world, without sounding too cliche’?  Go with a fun montage, which may capture authentic reactions to the news of a pregnancy or birth.  Include funny reenactments or staged scenes to spice it up as well.

Special Engagement:

Graduations, Galas, Banquets, Fundraisers, Reunions…No matter the occasion, we’ll capture your entire special event and highlight the best moments.


What better way to promote your business than though the internet?  We provide all sorts of video commercials and montages that will best suit your company.